Lead Line (Australian Training Levels)
Introductory (Australian Training Levels)
Debutante W
Debutante F
Consagrados 2
Consagrados 1

NOTE to event organisers: It's well worth printing these tests on BOTH sides to make a single page for pencillers/marking.

  • All NSW clubs may nominate 3 competitions per year to count toward to the above competition.
  • Dates must be submitted to NSW secretary not later than 31st January 2016.
  • Clubs must submit results for nominated competitions within two weeks of the competition.
  • This is a Horse of the Year competition, therefore the rider may change.
  • Any change of the horses name must be in writing, to the NSW secretary.
  • Levels for HOTY are: Introductory, Preliminary, Debutant W, Debutant F, Consagrados Two, Consagrados One, Masters if required.
  • If a horse moves between levels the points remain for that level i.e. they are not cumulative across levels.
  • Final date for HOTY competitions is 31st October 2016
  • Points are awarded as follows: 1st place or Champion =6pts 2nd place or Reserve Champion=4pts  3rd place =3pts 4th place =2pts 5th place =1pt.
  • HOTY co-ordinator will place a progressive total for all levels at the end of each month on Facebook and the NSW website. Disputes must be in writing to the co-ordinator within 1 month of posting.

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